Self-Insured Companies & Unions

In the past, it’s been very difficult for companies with their own health insurance coverage or unions offering healthcare benefits to their members to track the cost-effectiveness of their substance abuse treatment protocols. TBV has created a simple solution that will make this process much easier; helping both the organization and the individual seeking treatment to reach a successful outcome without incurring repeat long-term medical costs.

Employers are contributing more and more money in covering the costs of treatment for their employees and members through a variety of programs (often an “Employee Assistance Program” or “EAP”). In many cases, this may involve a short detox program to help the member safely get clean and sober, followed by a longer inpatient stay or intensive outpatient program for continued treatment and to create a solid foundation for their recovery. The employee/member will be provided with a recovery plan; carefully designed by their addiction treatment team to allow for a lasting recovery and a healthier future for themselves and their family.

In the vast majority of cases, the recovery plan will provide that the individual find a home-group, find a sponsor, and regularly attend self-help meetings. This allows the individual to connect with others who are clean and sober, to build on the work they’ve done in treatment, and to have accountability and encouragement in helping them achieve their recovery goals. These meetings work well in terms of providing a safe haven for those suffering from substance-use disorder to receive support and find mentorship from others who have walked the road of recovery before them.

To date, there has simply been no way to verify that an individual was actually attending the self-help meetings, in-person or virtual. Often times the only follow-up was a phone call from the treatment facility or the EAP person to verbally confirm compliance with the discharge plan. Leaving the security of a treatment center and returning to work and family life can be difficult for many suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, when the recovery plans are not followed, relapse rates are predictably higher, followed by a continued increase in costs to the organization. This cycle is bad for all parties involved. However, TBV can help to break this cycle and provide empirical data to assist in determining the best level of care for the individual as well as the most prudent course of action for the organization.

TBV provides a means of verifying something that you are already requesting: self-help meeting attendance (in-person or virtual). Each individual registers their smartphone, which requires them to ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ of self-help meetings, in-person or virtual, using biometric authentication or facial recognition along with geo-fencing and geo-location technology to verify that they have actually attended or logged into and stayed at the self-help meeting, for the duration.

TBV allows both the individual and the organization to work together to ensure that meetings are being attended, a factor that can be a great early indicator as to whether or not the rest of the recovery plan is being followed. TBV provides a unique solution that can help both the individual, by providing increased accountability and motivation to keep up with their recovery efforts, and the organization, by allowing support personnel to easily verify and monitor compliance with the recovery plan and help reduce costs.

For the individual, TBV simplifies the process of identifying, locating, navigating and reporting attendance at self-help meetings, in-person or virtual, which is a crucial part of the recovery plan. Furthermore, TBV keeps the individual accountable for their actions and encourages them to take ownership of their own recovery. Similarly, for the organization, TBV acts as a force-multiplier allowing counselors “electronic eyes-on” in real-time with verification and reporting of compliance with the recovery plan. TBV’s user-friendly, cost-effective app is a cutting-edge alternative to the antiquated self-report system, drastically reducing the possibility of fraud and mis-reporting and associated workload and costs. This provide both parties with a more transparent view of actual treatment activities and allows for better decision making going forward.

TBV has been designed to engage, encourage and empower the individual in recovery, as well as provide real-time verification and monitoring of recovery plan compliance, which can be used to confirm that the individual is getting the best possible treatment while ensuring that monies are being thoughtfully applied.

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