Individuals In Recovery

As anyone who’s walked the road of recovery or faced up to addiction knows all too well; getting and staying clean and sober from drugs or alcohol can be an immensely difficult challenge. At TBV we understand just how tough this task can be as we have walked that same path to recovery. In the creation of this new app, we wanted to be sure that the success of those fighting their addiction stayed firmly in focus.

TBV has been designed to help encourage and empower you get the most support possible throughout every step of your recovery journey. This app isn’t just for people to keep an eye on you, or for your meeting attendance, in-person or virtual, to be tracked and counted. TBV is a platform upon which your recovery can be based thereby helping you help yourself by regularly attending meetings and becoming aware that you are not alone.

While each persons’ recovery is unique, it’s well known that regular attendance at self-help meetings, especially in early recovery, can greatly benefit you in a number of ways. It’s an opportunity to connect with others who have been in your position before and found their way out to a better life, and to learn from how they made it happen. Meetings give you a specific structure to follow when it comes to maintaining your recovery. They provide a source of accountability, fellowship, and community in a healthy drug and alcohol-free environment.

The vast majority of addiction centers and treatment programs around the world recommend regular attendance of self-help meetings as part of their overall treatment strategy for good reason; meetings work!!! Having a strong recovery program to follow with regular self-help meetings and finding a community of friends who support your recovery is a simple but powerful way to reduce the likelihood of relapsing. Approximately 23 million Americans are in need of recovery services with as many as 7.4 million Americans being required by law or strongly encouraged by their treatment providers, discharge planners, employers and sober coaches to regularly attend self-help meetings. You are not alone! TBV simplifies finding, attending or logging-in and reporting your meetings, in-person or virtual.

TBV will help you locate meetings in your area; whether you are at home or traveling. TBV will help you easily navigate to your desired meetings from your current location; whether by vehicle, on foot or by public transportation or simply by logging-in. TBV will help you verify and report attendance; whether to your case manager, employer, sober coach, business partner, family or spouse. TBV will also help remind you of meetings that you like through calendar-saves and push notifications. Of course, TBV provides complete anonymity throughout your recovery process. Nobody but you and your support system will know that you’re on the app, so you can share and grow with confidence. We know how fragile recovery can be, particularly during the early months and for those newly out of intensive treatment programs. Tough moments do come – and it’s important that you have an easy way to reach out to your therapist, sponsor or a supportive loved one. TBV’s features allow you to quickly reach out to your support team for help in a crisis so a tough moment doesn’t turn into a relapse or worse.

TBV does NOT track your location except when you trigger the check-in process!

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