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Enable Connection

Now more than ever, community correction officers need to stay in touch with their clients while maintaining proper social distancing protocols. However, staying in touch no longer means that every client requires an in-person meeting.

TBV provides an innovative platform using cutting edge technology to provide multiple modes of secure communication with those under supervision:

2-way portal to text messaging (i.e. desktop or tablet to/from a mobile device)

2-way web-based video conferencing (i.e. desktop or tablet to/from mobile device)

TBV requires that each client “log-in” and “log-out” of each communication session using biometric authentication & facial recognition software. Additionally, geo-location operates during all TBV functions. This allows you to confirm who you are communicating with and where they are located. TBV provides more efficient client interactions and improved supervision metrics, all while maintaining a digital record of all interactions for compliance and recordkeeping purposes.

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Empower Accountability

The inability to meet with your clients’ in-person is no longer the limiting factor in their rehabilitation. Up until now, community correction officers have had numerous appointments canceled by their clients; missed alarms, transportation issues, work conflicts, and illness, all with the underlying concern of false information. Now you can communicate directly with your clients, without the need for him or her to come to your office. 

TBV allows you to increase accountability by doing away with the excuses; while maintaining an appropriate level of rehabilitative supervision.


Additionally, TBV improves the opportunity for success of a client. Approximately 25% of the prison population is incarcerated as result of community correction violations. Each community correction appointment takes significant time, effort and money, which disproportionately impacts lower income individuals and increases the likelihood of a violation. Driving on a suspended license (to attend community correction appointments), loss of employment due to work absences (to attend community correction appointments), inability to maintain child-support (as a result of loss of employment) and loss of stable housing (as a result of loss of employment) are leading causes of community correction violations. TBV provides increased access to community correction officers and reduces the burden on their clients.  TBV acts as a force-multiplier for community correction officers, allowing them to monitor and oversee more clients in less time.

Encourage Rehabilitation And Recovery

The majority of people within the community correction population have underlying issues with substance-use disorder.  In addition to the increased ability to communicate with your clients, TBV allows you to receive independent verification of their attendance at self-help meetings, in-person and virtual, further encouraging rehabilitation and recovery.

TBV provides a range of useful features designed to encourage those pursuing recovery to maintain their progress and build a strong support system. TBV allows clients to identify and navigate to meetings; whether by vehicle, on foot, by public transportation, or simply by logging-in. TBV utilizes biometric authentication, facial recognition software, geo-fencing, and geo-location to monitor progress and provides reports in real-time; doing away with the outdated and unverifiable self-reporting system.

Our Programs

Parole & Probation

Probation teams and court personnel can log-into the TBV portal to monitor an individual’s progress in real time.

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Transition Living & Sober Coaches

There are structures of accountability that can be put into place that can help your client maintain their recovery.

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Treatment Centers & IOP

Improve the connection between treatment providers and clients, providing an opportunity to encourage and support.

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Self-Insured Companies & Unions

TBV a simple solution; helping both organizations and individuals seeking treatment to reach a successful outcome.

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Individuals in Recovery

TBV is a platform upon which your recovery can be based by helping you become aware that you are not alone.

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TBV helps you stay on track of your meeting attendance.

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